3 October 2013


 October 3, 2013
Tim Horton's Macaroons

I was contacted by Tim Horton’s to give their recently launched gluten-free coconut macaroons a try several months ago when they came out.  Now, you are probably wondering why it took so long to get this review up.  Well, I was waiting…and waiting…and still am waiting to hear back from Tim Horton’s Research and Development department.  Tim Horton’s PR representative offered to have a few questions answered by R&D to shed a bit more light into just what goes into bringing such a gluten-free product from concept to market.  Unfortunately they seem to have dropped the ball (even after several e-mails saying it was still coming) and quite frankly I am tired of waiting and keeping this review in my drafts.

So here is where the R&D interview would go:



And here is my review:


Oh, I am sorry, did you actually think you’d still get the benefit of a review?

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