I absolutely love it when I come across new (to me) products when I am not even looking for them.  These dessert bars were truly out of this world.  They start with a gluten-free cookie base, then add an absolutely decadent layer of rich and creamy caramel, only to top it off with a crowning layer of chocolate.  I mean what is not to like?  What I really liked about the packaging was that each bar had its own individual space in the tray which kept the bars intact and made service a breeze – just pop them out onto a plate.

The soft crunchiness of the cookie base (which is delicious by the way) paired with the creaminess of the sweet caramel and rounded out with the rich chocolate made for a near religious experience.  If you are a fan of all things caramel like me, you will definitely not was to miss these bars.

The company also makes what looks like an absolutely decadent Rocky Road Bar that is next on my list of must haves.  I picked up the caramel variety at my local Whole Foods in the gluten-free section of the cookie aisle.  Check out Sunstart’s Web site for a more information on the company and its products.

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