Continuing with Gluten Free Mike’s Favorite Things here is one from the recent archive.  Quite possibly the best thing about this granola is that it tastes like granola.  Now, I know what your thinking, GFM shouldn’t granola taste like granola?  Well, my friends in a perfect world, yes, but in our sometimes bizzaro gluten-free world we often get items that claim to be like their gluten-filled counterparts but tend to taste completely different – not Deb and Lynne’s.  Think back for a moment to your lunchboxes of yesteryear.  Remember a green foil wrapped granola bar that actually came two to a pack?  This granola tastes exactly like that (to me anyway) though it is wonderfully softer than the bars which could easily destroy your teeth.  Deb and Lynne’s flavors are also a bit more sophisticated than honey and nut.  I really do eat this all the time and love it as dessert by itself or over ice cream.  That reminds me, I have to place a new order.  Do yourself a favor and give this a try.

I recently had the opportunity to sample all three varieties of natural gluten-free granola from Deb and Lynne’s.  They make Simply Cinnamon, Nut n’ But Seeds, and Cha Cha Chai varieties of granola. 

The Simply Cinnamon was really very good.  It was perfectly sweetened with pure maple syrup which made it sweet but was not overpowering.  The granola itself was fantastic.  It was not hard as s rock (which granola sometimes can be) but rather wonderfully soft clusters that held together but alleviated any worry of damaging a tooth on any rock hard bits.  When milk was added, the granola really shined as they milk was quickly flavored with the essence of spicy cinnamon with the hint of maple syrup sweetness.  I also tried the cinnamon variety on some plain vanilla ice cream and it made for a FAB topping that perfectly complemented the creamy texture of the ice cream.  To be even a bit more decadent I added a bit of gluten-free chocolate syrup and was in absolute heaven.

The Nut n’ But Seeds variety was also quite delicious.  It had a great nutty flavor from the assortment of seeds in the mix.  I loved the pumpkin seeds which paired perfectly with the flax, granola, and other nuts in the mix.  This variety was also perfectly sweetened with just a hint of maple sweetness so as not to take away from the complexity of this granola mix.

Finally is their Cha Cha Chai variety which was quite possibly the most unexpected taste sensation of the entire portfolio.  This variety is really where the brand shines because it is so very different from any other granola I have come across to-date.  The chai was terrifically spicy and from the first bite I fell in love with the mix.  I have to be honest, I am not a chai drinker and was a bit hesitant to give this one a go but the taste was so unique (in a very good way) that I just could not help myself and the sample-sized bag was gone in one sitting.  If you are looking for something that has a bit of a spicy kick and changes the breakfast playing field, then I highly recommend giving this one a try.

You can check out Deb and Lynne’s complete product line and learn a bit more about the company on their Web site.

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