Sometimes A Little Less Technology Is Not Such A Bad Thing

So, for some yet to be explained reason, my Twitter account has been “temporarily suspended” which seeing as it never really worked correctly might not be such a bad thing. While I am awaiting a response from Twitter as to why per se I have been blocked I do not hold out much hope for an explanation (though hope to be proven wrong). I realized that it is a free service but it clearly is still full of bugs and not working properly. A quick Google search showed I am clearly not alone and let’s just say their customer support is lacking. As a result, all of my communication will now go through this site or via Facebook so really not a huge deal. Also, quite frankly do people really care what each other are doing every waking moment of the day – probably not. Quite frankly I do not find myself to be all that interesting and cannot really imagine anyone that I would really need to know what they are doing to the microsecond. Okay, rant over…back to gluten free land.

I made the most delicious gluten free cookies this weekend from Gluten Free Essentials. Check out my review here. They were super simple to make (and I mean super simple) and absolutely delicious. Also, for the amount the cookie mix yields you get a good bang for you buck.

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