These were quite possibly my snack food find of the year. First, you must leave all of your preconceived cheesy-poof notions at the door because these are unlike their bright orange (and very good in their own right) counterparts. The just looked so interesting sitting on the shelf that I had to give all the varieties I could get my hands on a try. I first sampled the Mac n’ Cheese which was like nothing I had ever had before. The flavor really did have that bit of pasta note to it and coupled with the cheesiness, made for a totally unique taste sensation. I couldn’t get through the bag fast enough so that I could open the next flavor…Pizza.

The Pizza flavor was wonderfully spicy reminiscent of a good marinara sauce. You could really taste the bouquet of herbs that flavored each puff. That, coupled with the mild notes of cheese and tomato tang, made this variety a real favorite of mine. I rounded out my cheese ball induced coma with the Grilled Cheese variety. This was probably the most subtle of the flavors sampled and carried a very mild muted cheese flavor.

I highly recommend giving this brand a go and diving into a nice bag of their corn puffs when the snacking hour creeps up on you. Check out their complete line of products on their Web site.

2 responses on “Snikiddy Baked Corn Puffs, Assorted Varieties

  1. jodi says:

    Have you tried Pirate’s Booty cheesepuffs? I didn’t see a post about them and they are the bomb.

    • I have and am a huge fan as well. A salad place I frequent here in NYC actually uses it as a mix-in in their salads. Adds a nice crunch.

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