I have been working my way through my cupboards and keep finding “new” gluten free products that I purchased but never had occasion to actually try.  The other evening I was trying to figure out what to make of some leftovers and in a true Iron Chef moment decided to whip up a sausage, broccoli, mushroom sauce and toss in some pasta – this time it was Scotti Brown Rice Penne.

This pasta cooked to al dente in about 10 minutes and held up really well against the chunky sauce.  What I liked about this pasta was the fact that it was not as “fragile” as some of the other rice pastas I have sampled over the years that tend to either turn to mush or break apart once you stir them with the sauce.  The pasta has a nice grainy quality to it, almost akin to a whole wheat pasta that made for a nice taste sensation when paired with the rather simple sauce.  I had a bit leftover so it will be interesting to see if it can withstand the refrigerator and re-heating without losing its texture.  You can view their complete product portfolio in English or Italiano.

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