I have been singing the praises of Schär gluten free products a lot after discovering a free-standing display in my local grocery.

I had actually not purchased these crackers the first time I tried them.  I was at a friend’s house for cocktails and low and behold these were purchased for my enjoyment.  Not to mention they were neatly protected from the gluten-filled options by a carefully constructed napkin wall – very nice touch!

But I digress, back to the crackers.  These crackers were light a buttery not dense and heavy as can sometimes be the case.  The worked extremely well with cheese, dip, and meat.  They are just salty enough so as not to over power whatever you decided to top them with.  They are a bit delicate but after years of dense and cakey gluten free options I welcome their fragility wholeheartedly.  Also, they are a bit larger than their more traditional counterparts but again, you can pile more toppings on to enjoy.  If you love crackers, please do give these a try.

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