I am self admitted pasta junkie.  I grew up eating every type imaginable from store bought to homemade.  More importantly I remember the Sunday afternoons spent gathered around the table for hours consuming course after course – one or two would always be pasta of some sort.  Now, in full disclosure, my last name does in fact end in a vowel and I have spent a lot of time in Italy.  To this day, my father, in true Italian tradition will not allow pasta to be served on the same plate as whatever meat it is paired with – and I am the same way.  Funny the things that rub off on us and the tradition s we maintain.

I recently tried a new brand of pasta I picked up in a specialty store.  It was Sam Mills Pasta d’Oro Rigatoni.  A corn pasta that was surprisingly good.  I incorporated it into my summer pasta salad recipe and it held up well to being dressed and refrigerated (even for two days after).  The texture is very nice indeed and really quite reminiscent of the great semolina based pastas I used to enjoy pre-Celiac.  It was robust and cooked to a perfect al dente consistency – which does not always happen with gluten free pastas,

I could not find a Web site for this company (and accidentally disposed of the bag) but have seen it on sites from Amazon to Gluten Free Mall.

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