I just wanted to keep my readers informed that there are some exciting new posts in the works that will be posted to the site over the next couple of days.  The dinner party previously mentioned was a huge success and, if I might add, gluten free and FABULOUS!  Now I am not going to disclose who the guests were because that just is not GFM’s style but guests regaled wonderful experiences on topics from celebrities to royalty – and there were some that are still making me smile.  I will talk about the evening more in-depth when I reveal the fantastic (yet, simple) menu – from cocktails and hors d’oeuvres through appetizers and dessert.

I so look forward to sharing the evening with you but our dear friend who the evening was in honor of, decided to stay an extra night so GFM is still in entertaining mode.  I will be sneaking away from my hosting duties from time-to-time in order to compile my upcoming posts and will most definitely send out alerts once posted.

So stay-tuned my gluten free friends and keep living deliciously.

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