Black Beans N Rice Tortilla Chips

Having tried the red bean variety, I thought I would give these a try.  The consistency was very similar to the red bean version but, without the spicy Tabasco kick.  These chips are wonderfully plain and are great for dipping.  They are thick enough to withstand even the thickest of dips and make the perfect receptacle for a flavorful piece of cheese. 

But perhaps their crowning achievement was being able to be “nacho-ized” with fresh salsa and shredded cheese then placed under a hot broiler until the cheese turns into gooey liquid heaven.  These chips remain crisp no matter what you throw at them and the corn/bean/rice trifecta sets them apart from their plain corn counterparts.

Check out their Web site for a full listing of products.

Red Beans ‘N Rice Tortilla Chips

My other half surprised me with these knowing that I love all things spicy.  I love it when new products present themselves to me as it really goes to show that there is a vast universe of products out there that are suitable for Celiacs. 

The chips were, in a word, amazing.  They are really very different from anything I have come across.  You think you are in for a typical tortilla chip but when you take a look at these bright red chips you will notice a small surprise.  Rice!  That right, cooked right into the chips.  These are among the most complex tasting chips I have come across.  At first crunch you will notice a mild corn taste that evolves into an almost nutty sensation that is finally rounded out with a subtle kick of Tabasco – yes, they use the real-deal in these chips.  I am normally a dip person but these really are perfect by themselves.

Plocky’s has a range of products including hummus chips that are marketed gluten free.  These chips do not have the GF branding on the bag but a quick glance at the ingredients and all is well.  Both these and the GF-branded are produced in a facility, as with many products, that manufacture other types of ingredients.  In all my years as a Celiac I have never reacted to anything gluten free made in a non-gf exclusive plant.  Check out their Web site for a full listing of products.

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