In need of a quick and easy side dish this evening?  Are you a fan of Indian Cuisine?  Patel’s makes authentic Indian dishes that are a breeze to prepare — well heat and serve actually.

I tried the Channa Masala and Aloo Mutter and was very impressed with the taste and quality.  First the Channa Masala which is a spicy chickpea curry.  This was simply delicious and gave off a fair amount of heat — so if you are a fan of spicy, I would highly recommend it.  The chickpeas themselves were tender the sauce nice and rich.

The Aloo Mutter or potato and green pea curry was equally as good.  The potatoes were still firm and not soggy and the peas crisp and firm.  Again, the sauce was rich and highly flavorful. 

Both of these sides go extremely well with both meat or poultry and I have even mixed them with some rice noodles for a complete starch overload.  I look forward to trying some additional dishes from the product portfolio soon.  Check out their Web site for a full listing of offerings.

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