My friends at Health Flavors Limited, U.S. importers of the Australian Orgran product line sent me a great sampling of some products I had not yet come across. If you have children or are just young at heart, you will definitely want to take notice of these products.

First up was the Kids Itsy Bitsy Cocoa O’s cereal. Now if you (or your children) are looking for ridiculously sweet sugar-filled cereal than this is not for you. What I love about Orgran products in general is that their focus is on the flavor but sweetness is really toned-down. The Cocoa O’s were a personal favorite with the cocoa undertones coming through just a hint of sweetness. Think plain Cheerios with a wonderful muted chocolate kick.

Next up was the Kids Itsy Bitsy Biscuits (with chocolate and berry). What can I say? I loved these. These are a bit more on the sweet side than the cereal but they should be – they are cookies after all. The real surprised with these is the little berry-flavored bits scatter throughout. You get the mild chocolate taste and then the zippy bit of the berry making for a perfectly balanced flavor combination.

Last up was the Rice O’s (Wild Berry Flavor). Again, these have just a hint of sweetness and have a rich berry undertone that really shines through perfectly. All of Orgran’s cereals stay super crunchy in milk making fore a great texture and lots of crunch.

So, if you are looking for a less sugary breakfast staple or fun snack than these product are most definitely for you. If you like highly refined, super-sweet, candy-like breakfast options, well, then I would just keep looking. I have long been a fan of Orgran products because they manage a perfect balance of healthy and tasty.

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