Natural Nectar Crispy Rice Stix

22 July 2013


 July 22, 2013
Natural Nectar Choco Dream

I recently came across these Choco Dream Crispy Rice Stix from mobile porn Natural Nectar during a recent visit to one of my favorite local specialty markets.  Always on the hunt for new gluten-free finds, these immediately caught my attention as I scanned the shelves.

I tried two flavors: Original and Double Cocoa.  Both varieties are essentially long elliptical cigar-like rice crisp that wraps around the chocolate filling.  Two sticks are individually wrapped so it makes for a great portion controlled treat.  First-up was the Original.  These were pretty good but the rice crisp was actually a bit too firm – and almost tasted stale.  I checked the sell-by date and it was well within range so I chalked-it up to perhaps that one portion might have had a seal issue but I would later find out that the remainder were also as firm as the first and I wasn’t sure short term loans if this is just their normal consistency.

I quickly moved on to the Double Cocoa, expecting the same rigid texture but was pleasantly surprised with the more delicate texture of these.  The rice crisp easily gave way to a rich (soft) chocolate center – much better than the original.

Both flavors provide a mild flavor rice shell celebrity nude (with the Double Cocoa having a very subtle cocoa kick) but the shells are mildly sweet – almost neutral in flavor.  The real treat comes when you break through to the cream center.  The chocolate cream is sweet but not overpowering.  It provides a nice complement to the nuttiness of the rice crisp adding an additional layer of sweetness.

I did enjoy these but would I buy them again?  Likely not.  The Double-Cocoa was by far the better of the two and I am still not sure why the original were so rigid in texture – perhaps just a one off – but with so many new gluten-free products out there companies need to ensure a consistent experience because we’ll just move on to the gay porn next item if we are disappointed.

You can learn more about porn cartoon Natural Nectar on their Web site (though these gluten-free items are not yet listed for some reason).

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