Forget about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, sorry Julie (though I am a sucker for all things feline).  I thought that I would get into the holiday spirit by having a bit of fun and counting down to Christmas with Gluten Free Mike’s Favorite Things.  

So, starting tomorrow through Christmas I will be featuring one of my personal favorite gluten-free things each day – just in time for those of you wondering what to pick up for the Celiacs in your life.  Forget the 12 Days of Christmas because 15 are far more fun and fabulous, particularly when they are gluten-free.  See you here tomorrow and let’s get this gluten-free party started.  Oh, and for my friends celebrating Hanukkah just subtract 13 days from the counter below and for those celebrating Kwanzaa add one day.  Happy holidays to all!

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