Okay, let’s get this gluten-free party started.  We are at day 15 in Gluten Free Mike’s Favorite Things.  My favorite things are listed in no particular order so number 15 is every bit as good as the coming number 1.

My first (well fifteenth) favorite thing is a new product that I had the pleasure of sampling recently called Kenzoil.  For the uninitiated (as was I), it is a extra virgin olive oil that is mixed with fresh basil, garlic, and herbs.  Now when I was first asked to give this a try I thought what could possibly be so special about a flavored olive oil?  Well, two words sum it up best, TASTE and VERSATILITY. 

First the taste.  It has such a rich basil and herb taste that you notice immediately, followed by notes of garlic and just a wisp of spiciness.  Somehow Kenzoil managed to find an extra virgin olive oil that, while rich in taste, did not overpower the other ingredients making for the perfect balance.  I often find that extra virgin olive oil can sometimes have a very strong pronounced flavor (I often prefer the extra light variety in my recipes) that can take away from the taste of other ingredients it is mixed with.

Now lots of products I have come across say they are versatile.  Well, Kenzoil really delivers on this.  My initial reaction was to have it with some gluten-free bread, which was delicious.  I had it on the table so figured why not try it on some of my broccolini, again delicious.  The next day I had a hankering for some gluten-free pasta and tossed in some Kenzoil…yep, you guessed it delicious.  Even my non-Celiac other half had the pasta (a rarity) and raved about just how good it was.  I tossed in just a small amount of Pecorino Romano cheese and the end result was phenomenal.  I cannot wait until I am entertaining again because I am going to make some gluten-free bruschetta with tomato and fresh mozzarella that I toss with some of the product.

The product is all natural and must be refrigerated to keep it fresh for a longer period.  Yes, it will solidify in the refrigerator but as the product states, simply run it under warm water or, as I did, just put it out on the counter and it will quickly return to its liquid glory.

The product is available online at their Web site which is full of information about the product and also features some great recipe ideas.  For those of you in the Midwest, you can find it at Whole Foods Markets in Michigan (also in specialty stores), Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska.

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