In keeping with my pasta theme of late, I tried another new brand that was new to me.  This was a corn-based Radiatore pasta with a twist.  It was infused with vegetable powders (spinach, beet, and red bell pepper) to add color to the uniquely shaped pasta.  This brand is made in Italy and imported to the United States by American Italian Pasta Company.

Now Radiatore are made to look like little radiators so they are perfect for thick and creamy sauces as they hold them very well.  These cooked up quickly and the end results was a bit softer than al dente but not mushy.  I added a rich alfredo sauce that was perfectly captured and held in the unique shape of the pasta,  It is a bit more delicate that a larger shaped pasta and did break up a bit when tossing but still had a great taste and made for a nice change when looking for something different.

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