I have several bags of GF pasta sitting in my cupboards as every time I see a new brand or type I just have to pick it up.  Yes, I confess, I am a pasta hoarder.  Last night I really had a craving for some pasta to accompany some BBQ chicken.  I also had a fantastic cream sauce sitting in my refrigerator that I was just itching to eat.

I have had Mrs. Leeper’s corn pasta before and it was very good so figured the rice would likely not disappoint, and it did not.  Though I was at first hesitant because rice pasta tends to end up sticky and mushy and tends not to really hold up well to sauce.  This brown rice variety did in fact cook up al dente (even after I forgot about it on the stove) and was not at all sticky or mushy.  I even ended up saving the left over sauced pasta – something I would never normally do with rice pasta as it would be a solid chunk the next day.

You can view Mrs. Leeper’s gluten free offerings here.

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