While I was in Bermuda visiting family for the holidays, my mother in-law had purchased come gluten-free items and one brand I had not heard of was the British Mrs. Crimble’s.  She had their Chocolate Macaroons and Rosemary and Onion Crackers – both of which were simply out of this world.  I actually had not thought about the brand until I was shopping in a new grocery store where I was surprised to see the brand on the shelf.

This time I picked up their Original Cheese Bites and Tomato, Olive, and Oregano Cheese Bites.  Ever a fan of savory snacks I was really excited to give these a go.  The first thing that you notice is that these delicate baked triangles are super light and airy.  The other thing you notice on the package is that these are both nearly 50% cheese in the ingredient department.

So on to the taste…

The Original variety is wonderfully cheesy without being overly salty.  The cheese is really what these are all about and the real cheese’s flavor really shines through making these the perfect savory snack during cocktails as they do not leave you feeling as though you’ve have a heavy round of canapés.  The Tomato, Olive, and Oregano variety as equally as delicious with the added flavor notes of, you guessed it, tomato and olive that really shine through with the added woodsy spiciness of oregano.

The only problem with these Cheese Bites is that the bags are small and being so addictive you’ll quickly find them empty – so just be sure to pick-up a few extra bags.  You can view the entire Mrs. Crimble’s sweet and savory product portfolio on their Web site where you can also find out where to purchase their products in your area.

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