These little crisps caught my eye while shopping the other day.  I was in the mood for something different and these jumped out at me amid the sea of crunchy choices lining the snack wall.  At first I thought that they would be like flavored rice crackers but actually they were more chip-like in texture.  They are slightly elliptical in shape and quite thin which makes for some delicious, and crunchy, snacking.  I sampled the nacho flavored variety which was somewhat spicy and extremely cheesy.  They are so light and airy I could not help myself and over the course of an afternoon realized I had consumed the entire bag.  The good news is that 35 crisps are only 120 calories so I did not completely ambush my waistline.  If you are tired of potato or corn ships, I highly recommend giving these a try.   I know I am looking forward to trying their other varieties.  You can order their products from there online store.

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