On the recommendation of an Italian friend who said this was the best pasta out there I eagerly placed an order of four different shapes.  Ordering was easy enough through Amazon.com which had an online storefront for a company out of Boston who would actually ship the order.  Now I paid for normal shipping and the pasta was literally at my door the next day – well done.

I was so eager to give this pasta a try as I love new GF items and I LOVE pasta.  This is an Italian corn-based pasta that is available in some quite uncommon (for GF pasta) shapes which makes for a nice change from penne and fusilli.  I opted for the gnocchi (dry), spaghetti, pipe rigate, and tubetti rigate.  First on deck, the pipe rigate.

I was craving a creamy alfredo sauce so wanted something that would capture the sauce nicely and the pipe rigate more than satisfied this need.  The uncooked pasta really looked like the pasta I remembered in my pre-Celiac days but the question remained…how would it taste?  Well, I am happy to report that my Italian friend did not let me down and it was really quite possibly the best pasta I have had to-date.  It cooked to a perfect al dente and the texture was indistinguishable from the traditional semolina version.

You can view the company’s Web site (in English) to view their entire portfolio of products.

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