I have long been a fan of Mary’s Gone Crackers cracker assortments but was floored when I saw they had branched out into cookies. Not first of all I have to confess; I thought I was buying oatmeal cookies giving the box a quick glance. It was not until I got home that I realized these were in fact oat-free oatmeal cookies – hence the N’Oatmeal branding. Now I was hesitant at first because I simply love a good, soft, oatmeal cookie. I was not sure what to expect with N’Oatmeal so I took and deep breathe and tore into the package.

Well, I am here to tell you that these were absolutely amazing. Had I not actually read the package I would have thought I was eating a wonderfully soft and delicious gluten-free oatmeal cookie and that’s the kicker because there are absolutely no oats in these but rather quinoa and a gluten-free flour blend. I took another bite and looked at the box, then looked at the cookie, then looked at the box. My mind simply could not register that it was eating a no oat oatmeal cookie that tasted like an oatmeal cookie. What’s even better is that they are Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO, Wheat-, Gluten-, and Dairy-free. They are contain low glycemic sweeteners, no hydrogenated oils, and no trans-fats. What more could you ask for – oh, right, they taste GREAT.Confusing, I know but everything about these cookies was fantastic. Their soft and moist texture coupled with the grainy nuttiness of the quinoa and flour blend and the delicate sweetness of the raisins made for the absolute most authentic non-oat oatmeal cookie I have ever come across. If you are an oatmeal cookie fan like me get online and visit Mary’s Web site to place and order or find out where you can score these delicious morsels. While you are there, check out their entire product portfolio.

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