Looking for Something Sweet and Savory? Look No Further.

Those of you that follow me regularly know that I am an absolute fan of Food Fête Events that take place here in New York City.  Without fail I always tend to find fabulous new items at these events — food allergic specific or otherwise.  At their latest event, now a few months back, I was introduced to Angie’s Kettle Corn.

I am a self-professed snack food junkie but navigating the landscape can often be a challenge as so many products have flavorings that are a no-no for us Celiacs and quite frankly sometimes you just want a delicious snack that doesn’t require an advanced knowledge of all gluten-free ingredients when you are looking for a quick snack fix.

I sampled Angie’s Kettle Corn Classic variety which makes for a wonderfully sweet and savory snack with its hint of saltiness paired with a subtle hint of sugary sweetness.  Yet, the contradiction in flavors does not take away from the nutty popcorn taste.  So, next time you are looking for something a little sweet and salty, why not indulge with Angie’s.  They also make a Lite and Caramel version that will definitely be picking up next time I see them.

Be sure to check out their Web site for additional information and to view their entire product portfolio.

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