My friends at LÄRABAR were kind enough to send me a sampling of their new blueberry muffin flavor. Not too long ago I finally got around to trying my first LÄRABAR and was quickly seeking out different flavors from their portfolio. How they managed to escape me for so long I do not know.

The blueberry muffin flavor did not disappoint. It was perfectly tart from the blueberry juice and hint of lemon juice that played so very well against the more subtle flavor of the date base. I have to say that I have been throwing a “muffin” in my bag this week each morning to enjoy as breakfast at the office (or as an evening snack…actually there really isn’t a bad time to enjoy one). My non-GF other half actually asked to try one and was soon hooked as well. I know what’s a new staple in our grocery shopping expeditions.

So, a very big thank you to my friends at LÄRABAR for once again hitting the flavor bulls eye and making portable gluten-free (and healthier) options taste so delicious.

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