Not that long ago I decided to pop-in to a different grocery store to see what kind of gluten-free options they had on offer. To my surprise they actually had a decent section that had quite a few items I had not come across before. Two of these product were Konriko Rice Mixes in Hot N Spicy Brown Rice Pilaf and Wild Pecan Brown Rice varieties. They looked interesting so I though why not give them a go.

First up was the Hot N Spicy Brown Rice Pilaf which was super simple to make. Just add some water, a bit of butter I believe, and you are good to go. Just let it simmer away and the end result is a wonderfully flavorful (but not overly spicy) rice pilaf. It is light and fluffy and pairs well with a variety of entrées.

The Wild Pecan Brown Rice was also very good. It was very mild with a very subtle nutty undertone that really made it stand out from your run of the mill plain brown rice. Again, preparation could not be easier and you can start it, go about making the rest of your meal, and by the time you are done so is the rice.

The Conrad Rice Mill who manufactures these products is the oldest working rice mill in America. Check out the company’s Web site for the complete product portfolio and there is even a dedicated Wheat-Free/Gluten-Free tab to sort by. Nice.

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