I recently spied these cookies from Kinnikinnick Foods out of Canada on the shelf at my local supermarket.  Now, I have to admit I was skeptical at first because in my pre-celiac days I was known to indulge in my fair share of Oreos.  There was something about those little crème-filled cookies that instantly transported me back to my childhood (when they were made with real sugar).  While not that long ago it was a different time when trans-fats and hydrogenated oils were not really front of mind.  But I digress…

I cracked open the package of KinniToos one evening when I was craving something sweet.  I took a bite and the first thing I noticed was how wonderfully crisp the cookie was while still having that familiar give as you make your way through the layer of vanilla cream.  You can instantly tell that these are made with real sugar versus corn syrup which, in my opinion truly makes a cookie.  The vanilla cream has quite possibly the most perfect consistency with just a subtle hint of sugary grittiness when you catch it between your teeth – perfection.  You get a full bodied chocolate taste that not overly sweet and paired perfectly with the sweetness of the vanilla crème – which, while sweet is not overpowering.  Think perfect cookie equilibrium.

If you see these in your local market, do yourself a favor and pick them up – you’ll wonder why you ever saw in those other black and whitecookies.  You can view Kinnikinnick Foods full product portfolio on their Web Site and even order online.  For my multi-allergic comrades out there, per the company’s Web site: Kinnikinnick Products are produced in dedicated Gluten/Wheat/Nut free facilities that use Soy, Eggs and Sesame Seeds.

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