I had the opportunity to sample Katz’s Gluten-Free new hamburger buns a few weeks ago and have to say that, much like the rest of their product line, they managed to make the gluten-free buns indistinguishable from gluten-filled options.

These are great straight from the package (as are all of Katz’s breads – their Challah is a personal favorite of mine) or toast up a dream if you want a bit of crunch. I decided to order a bacon cheeseburger from my favorite place here in the City sans bun to put the Katz buns to the true test – a thick, juicy, New York City burger. The first thing that was immediately apparent was the perfect size of the buns. These are larger than most buns I have come across to-date and my rather large burger fit absolutely perfectly – no need to trim with these buns.

I froze the rest of the buns and ate them throughout the week and these de-frost absolutely amazing – just take out of the freezer, set on a paper towel, and literally in minutes they are ready to go. I have since ordered from my favorite gluten-friendly local diner and placed my order, taken out a frozen roll, and by the time the food arrived, the bun was ready to go. These are great for large over-stuffed sandwiches as well – I put them to the Reuben test and they held up just fine – Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, and all.

Head on over to the Katz Web site to check out these rolls and to enter to win a case of the fabulous buns delivered right to your door.

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