Once again my local supermarket did not disappoint as yet another new brand appeared on the shelves.  I have a sweet tooth – no shocking revelation there – and I am always on the prowl for new sweet items.  I also happen to be a self-proclaimed chocoholic so when I saw a product that was the perfect marriage of my two vices I quickly placed a package in my shopping cart.

I cracked open the package the other evening and have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised.  The cookies are a good size and more importantly they taste great.  The texture is somewhere between a firm graham cracker and shortbread – crisp but with just the right amount of give.  The rich chocolate taste is subtle without being overly sweet and the notes of cocoa are perfectly balanced by both sugar and brown sugar which gives a very slight caramel-like undertone.  As you savor each cookie you will find that the ending tasting note is a wisp of vanilla that sneaks up on your palate.

I love finding new brands to try but always remain hesitant that, should I not like it, as I am then stuck with an entire package.  If you happen to come across this brand in your grocery definitely give it a try.  I actually have the Cinnamon Squares lined up as soon as I finish the chocolate.  Oh, and a few of these cookies go a long way.  They are extremely filling  and I do not think I have indulged in more than four (okay perhaps five) in a sitting.  They go great with a nice glass of milk or, if you are feeling really creative, place some softened vanilla ice cream between two squares for a perfectly petite gluten-free ice cream sandwich – Kismet!

You can check out all of Jo-Sef’s products (and there are quite a few) on their Web site where you can also order online and have their products shipped right to your door.  Oh, and their prices are really very reasonable – under $5 for a box of these delectable squares.

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