We are going global for this sweet treat that is actually manufactured by Heinz in their Italian BiAglut line. Yes, you read that correctly, good old Heinz actually makes a very nice selection of gluten-free products in Europe but we can only hope that one day they might be available here in the United States. This hazelnut crisp bar was courtesy of an Italian Celiac friend who gave it to me to sample.

At first bite it instantly took me back to my school days in Europe where we would get crisp chocolate-filled wafers during breaks at school. I always loved hazelnut cream so this bar really took me back. It had a wonderfully crisp wafer shell that was filled with the most delicious rich and creamy chocolate hazelnut cream. I actually had to double-check the package because the texture was just so perfect I really doubted it was gluten-free. It is products like this that can instantly transport you to another place and time in a single bite. Alas, my journey was short-lived as I basically inhaled the entire bar and was left with gluten-free remorse. We have all been there before.

You can read more about BiAglut products on their Web Site.

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