I recently had the opportunity to sample Grandma Lulu’s gluten-free sand dollar sugar cookies. Now I have to admit this was a new find for me so I was not really sure what to expect. First off, they do indeed look exactly like their counterparts from the sea and come nicely packaged – subtle hint for those of you looking for a great gluten-free gift for the Celiacs in your life.

I sampled Grandma Lulu’s original flavor and their soon to be available white chocolate dipped variety. I do love sugar cookies but have to say it has been difficult to find a pre-made gluten-free version that reminds me of my pre-Celiac days. Well, that is until now. Grandma Lulu’s original variety are simply out of this world. They are the absolute perfect consistency with just the right amount of crunch. Their flavor is truly unique with a subtle, not overpowering sweetness, that has an almost maple-like undertone. There is also just the slightest hint of salt that really helps make for a truly complex flavor combination with all parts working in perfect balance with one another.

The white chocolate dipped variety was equally as impressive but the mild flavor of the white chocolate played perfectly against the flavors of the cookie. White chocolate was definitely the way to go with these cookies as I think a milk or dark (while likely delicious) would take away from the cookies themselves.

I was so glad to have found these cookies and can safely say that I now have a go-to company for fantastically delicious sugar cookies.

Check out Grandma Lulu’s Web site for more information on her products and to place and order.

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