Ah, sweet wafers.  How do I love thee?  I am a big texture person and I like tactile as well as olfactory stimulation when I eat (I know, I am a dork).  Until recently, gluten-free options were, well very much lacking in the stimulation department but over the past couple of years the category has really taken off and there is a wealth of interesting foods out there.

Enter the Glutino wafers.  I have had many of their flavors but absolutely adore the lemon.  There is something about the zesty bite of the citrus paired with the crisp crunch of the wafer that sends my senses into overdrive.  These have a fantastic blend of crisp and creamy filling and there is NO way that you could discern the gluten-free version from their gluten-filled counterparts.

Next time you are looking for a sweet treat, pick up a package of these.  They are terrific on their own or pair well with say a nice creamy bowl of ice cream.  You can view Glutino’s entire product portfolio on their Web site.

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