While visiting a new local supermarket that has an amazing selection of gluten-free items (read and entire aisle long and separate dedicated freezer sections) I came across these Glutino Parmesan Garlic Bagel Chips.  I have long been a fan of many Glutino products, particularly their snack items, so was very eager to give these a try.

Now good bagel chips are the ever elusive snack food that Celiacs dream of.  In my experience I have come across very few that make the grade of actually tasting like a real bagel chip – Gultino’s version is most definitely one of the few.

The chips themselves are actually surprising large and, well, look like bagel chips.  They are perfectly crisp and not the slightest bit greasy which is often the case.  The flavoring is a wonderful blend of tangy parmesan cheese that is perfectly balanced with a slight spicy kick from the garlic.  They are also not overly salty which makes them even more appealing.  This box did not stand a chance and I know know to buy two or three at a time in the future.

Glutino’s bagel chips also come in a plain variety that I can only image would make for great dipping given the robust texture of the chips.  You can check out Glutino’s full product line on their Web site, find a retailer near you that carries their products, or order right online and have their goodies shipped directly to your door.

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