GFM is a huge fan of Glutino because when traveling I can normally find it at local supermarkets (it is not available in my local supermarket but it is easily found online).   I loved Honey Nut Cheerios pre-Celiac and missed them dearly.  One day while perusing the aisles at a supermarket when visiting my parents I came across these.  It was my first foray into the Glutino brand and this was a while ago so GF options were nowhere near as abundant or accessible as they are today.

These are crisp and sweet with just a hint of honey.  They hold up well to a cold milk bath remaining crunchy until you take your last bite.  They are a bit smaller than I remember their gluten-filled counterparts being but, hey, you can get more into your bowl.  For a decadent snack try replacing the rice cereal in rice krispie treats with these for a truly unique taste sensation.

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