I have been meaning to try Glow Gluten Free Cookies for a while but I am the type of person that does not really actively seek out sweets – so when I was shopping the other day and saw the range of Glow cookies on a shelf I decided I’d give them a go. I am a huge chocolate fan so their Double Chocolate variety really spoke to me.

While their boxes may look small, there are seven very nice sized cookies in each box. Better yet, each cookie is just 110 calories not to mention all natural casein-, trans fat-, and preservative-free. It is also nice to be able to recognize the ingredients that go into each cookie – no questionable or surprised ingredients here.

All of the above is great but I know you are wondering how they taste? They are absolutely delicious. They are crisp and wonderfully flakey. The chocolate cookie base has just the right amount of sweetness as the chocolate chips add an additional layer of sweetness. These cookies are perfectly balanced so you can appreciate both the earthy cocoa and the sweet chocolate morsels. Something tells me these cookies would make the most perfect ice cream sandwiches – which I would have tried but somehow managed to eat the entire box before I thought of it…and yes, I did share with my other half.

I am looking forward to trying the remaining varieties of Glow cookies. You can check out their Web site and get more information about their products along with where to find them.

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