With Memorial Day right around the corner, I thought what better way to welcome summer than with a FABULOUS gluten-free giveaway. 

Yes, this is just a tease but in the very near future (read after the holiday) I will be starting a contest to give away one very fabulous gluten-free gift basket (or other suitable vessel) chock full of some of my very favorite gluten-free goodies.  You have seen me write and rave about some very special items that I truly love so I figured why not share the love.  Oh, and for my Canadian friends, you are included in this one as I am happy to ship to my friends to the North.

So do stay tuned as I begin to construct the basket for little hints as to what might be inside.  Oh, and I never do anything on a small scale so be prepared for a truly delicious prize.  Get ready to party like a gluten-free rockstar.  Note: GFM is not responsible for any additional weight the winner may gain through consumption of these world-class treats.

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