Fresh noodles and gluten-free are definitely not synonymous but one company is hoping to change that. I was excited with Sloane Miller made an introduction to Satoru from the Kobayashi Noodle Company in Japan. Satoru e-mailed me and while he was in New York a few weeks ago and stopped by my office with some samples of their fresh (yes you read correctly) gluten-free noodles.

I sampled their brown rice noodles and pasta – basically the same but in two distinct shapes.  The noodles were thin and the pasta a bit wider.  Kobayashi makes a wide-range of gluten-free noodles that I am looking forward to trying and a certified gluten-free manufacturer with a dedicated facility.  Satoru was in the United States securing distribution channels so that their noodles would be easily accessible to U.S. Celiacs.   

Well, let me tell you that this is hands down the best fresh gluten-free pasta/noodles that I have come across to-date.  You simply cannot imagine what a treat it was to actually be able to make fresh pasta for the first time since my diagnosis.   

The pasta itself is, in a word, AMAZING.  It cooks in just three minutes and has the best consistency I have come across.  I decided to make an udon-style soup one afternoon for my other half and me and it was simply out of this world.  The noodles cook up perfectly without any loss of texture.  The thing that I always loved about fresh pasta was that it was so durable and these noodles reminded me of the difference that fresh does make when it comes to pasta.   

I simply could not believe that these were gluten-free – they were just that good.  If you come across these noodles in your shopping travels you must pick them up.  Kobayashi has changed the noodle landscape and I am certain will become a fast favorite among Celiacs in the United States.  Check out their Web site to learn more about the company and to view their entire product portfolio.   

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