Foods by George Plain English Muffins

One of the foods I missed most after my diagnosis was the old breakfast stand-by the English muffin. Well, one happy day I came across these and have never looked back (though I do have a bit of difficulty locating them locally now).

The texture of these is spot on and they toast up to perfection. They are full of nooks and crannies (much like their mainstream counterpart) and when butter is spread between the two slices the resulting contrast between the crisp dough and warm melting butter will alleviate any doubt that these are the real deal. They actually remind me very much of a crumpet in the sense that they are nice and dense without being like a brick of dough.

The also make a fantastic GF English muffin pizza (toast first) for those of you with kids or for just the young at heart. You can view their complete product offerings online.

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