There is nothing better than a crisp, crunchy, and flavorful cracker (well, perhaps one topped with cheese).  I came across these ate my new favorite Super Stop & Shop supermarket that has a rather impressive gluten-free section with lots of new products I had never seen before.  I love rice crackers and have tried many but these looked different from the get go.  They were a fantastic shade of brown with a grainy look to them.  They also appeared to have a fair amount of flavoring on them,

They did not disappoint.  They were a bit more robust than their white rice counterparts that you may already be familiar with.  The vegetable flavoring was really very nice with a slight hint of saltiness giving them a really unique taste.  I used these for dipping as well as the perfect vessel to hold a lovely prosciutto and mozzarella pinwheel cut into small bite-sized pieces.  You can view the complete line of products from Edward and Sons on their Web site.  If you are a fan of rice crackers I highly recommend giving these a try.  I am looking forward to picking up some additional flavors on my next visit to the market.

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