My local supermarket never ceases to amaze me with random gluten-free products that come and go with no apparent rhyme or reason. On my most recent visit I can across these Eat Natural bars conveniently positioned next to a depleted gluten-free end cap.
Their colorful wrappers caught my attention and I was pleased to see that they were clearly labeled gluten-free. I tossed a couple in my cart and was on my way.

First up was the bar with almonds, apricots, and a yoghurt (their British spelling). I am a huge fan of pretty much anything dipped in yogurt for some reason. This bar did not disappoint. It was the perfect balance of sweet with the slightest hint of saltiness to really make the flavor of the nuts and apricots pop. It was the perfect contradiction between sweet and savory that was pulled more to the sweet side with the yoghurt coating.

Next up was their nut-focused bar with brazils, sultanas, almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts. This was another homerun. The unique mix of nuts coupled with the tangy sweetness of the sultanas made for a delicious experience. Again, there was the perfect balance between the meatiness of the nuts and the muted sweetness of the sultanas that really mad this bar work.

You can check out Eat Natural’s Web site to learn more about their full product line. If you happen to run across these in your local market – don’t pass them by. You can also pick them up online at Amazon and several other online marketplaces.

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