I have long been a fan of the local New York City pharmacy chain’s gluten-free ginger snaps and had been waiting for their animal crackers to hit the market. A few months ago I finally saw them on the shelf and picked up a couple of bags (they were on sale and I love a bargain).

They did not disappoint. These delicious little animals have a wonderfully strong vanilla scent as soon as you open the bag. When you take your first bite you have to check the bag to make sure you picked up the gluten-free version because these taste exactly like the real deal I remember from my pre-diagnosis days. They are have a very subtle sweetness that has notes of vanilla and honey with the slight saltiness of butter to round out, what I consider to be the perfect animal cracker flavor balance. From a texture perspective these are absolutely spot-on. Wonderfully crisp as animal cookies should be.

So if you are in the NYC metropolitan area, pop into your closest Duane Reade and pick-up a couple of bags. There is always a bag in my pantry and I just ate another handful writing this review. Somebody stop me!

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