I recently came across two packages of Dr. Lucy’s cookies (Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon Thin) that must have come from a gluten-free swag bag from one of the Celiac events I had recently attended. I had actually not come across these in my gluten-free travels so was excited to give them a try.

First up was the sugar cookie variety. They had a really nice, crisp texture and rich vanilla taste. They were sweet but not overpowering with the flavors really balancing out each other – there was even the slight hint of saltiness that I look for in a good sugar or shortbread cookie.

Next up was the cinnamon thin variety. These too were excellent. Perfectly crisp with the same great texture as the sugar variety but with a spicy note of cinnamon balanced by a subtle sweetness. These were perfect with a cold glass of milk.

As I am a big label reader it was interesting that Lucy’s uses gluten-free oats in their blend and uses no eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts for those out there with multiple allergies.

Lucy’s Cookies was actually created by a M.D. who is also the mother of a child with severe allergies. It is interesting how so many of these gluten-free or food allergy-related companies have a person tie to their products. Be sure to check out their complete product line for more delicious treat from Dr. Lucy.

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