10 July 2013


 July 10, 2013

Continuing with my Hudson Valley gluten-free finds that I have been meaning to review for a while is Dolce on the Kingston Waterfront.  I was doing a bit of research and came across Dolce on Broadway on the way down to the waterfront.  There was one thing on the menu that particularly caught my eye – gluten-free buckwheat crêpes – so I thought I would definitely give it a go.  Dolce is a small and funky little breakfast and lunch place.

Having lived in Nice, France for a while, I am a bit of a crepe aficionado and rarely see buckwheat crêpes (or Galette) here in the States and Dolce did not disappoint.  I opted for the ham and Swiss cheese crêpe.  Not really sure what to expect would arrive I have to say that I was blown away when a tremendous, perfectly prepared (and folded) crêpe arrived at the table – it was truly a thing of beauty – but how would it taste.

Well, my worries were quickly appeased when I first cut-into the crêpe.  It was perfectly crisp and wonderfully thin.  The ham and cheese within were perfectly cooked with the cheese a fantastically gooey treat.  The contrast of textures from crisp to soft and the perfect balance of saltiness to the earthiness of the buckwheat made this a delight for the palate.

Behold, La crêpe.

Behold, La crêpe.

If you are in the Kingston-area, I would highly recommend giving Dolce a try.  If memory serves, they only accept cash so be prepared.  You can find out more about Dolce on their Web site and on their Facebook page which features regular updates.  Also note that they are open for breakfast and lunch only – no dinner.

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  1. Alessandra says:

    Thank you. You made us smile. We are so grateful for your wonderful comment about our gluten free crepes. Your review gave us a sense of accomplishment for the love and passion we put into our work. We needed this. Thank you again. Lastly, my husband did not miss the chance to tell me he made the crepe; with my recipe!

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