30 August 2013


 August 30, 2013
Cherry Man Featured

Cherry Man Farm to MarketPerhaps one of the coolest items from my recent Food Fête quite literally came in one of the smallest packages.  Now I have loved Maraschino cherries ever since they topped my sundaes and sweetened my Shirley Temples – God, there was something magical about fishing-out that bright red jewel at the bottom of the glass as a kid.  Of course now that I am an adult and my tastes have matured, I can safely say I have not had a Maraschino cherry in ages – not to mention they seemed to have lost the magic they once held once I learned how they are actually made – but everything in moderation (or slight excess) is my mantra.  I was however giddy when I heard that CherryMan came up with a natural Farm to Market alternative – a slightly less red cousin to the electric red ones of years gone by.

At first I was a bit apprehensive because, let’s face it, natural and Maraschino are not quite synonymous.  The Maraschino is also a cultural icon that as soon as you hear the word you know what it tastes like.  So what exactly did it’s natural cousin taste like?  Well, I am glad you asked.  It was every bit as familiar as its bright red counterpart, but was more muted in color and while sweet, was not as sweet.  I became completely obsessed with these muted red balls of deliciousness and was offering them to guests over for cocktails like I had stock in the company.  I just thought they were so gosh darn cool.  Not to mention several found their way into my regular evening cocktail regimen when I wanted to feel all fancy – and yes, if you pour some of the juice into aforementioned cocktail it makes it even cooler (and more delicious).

Alas, that little jar did not stand a chance but I am so glad they make a larger jar – though the mini-jar (as the brand mentioned to me in passing because I apparently scream lush) is in fact TSA approved so, if you find yourself at 35,000 feet and sans cherry – fear not (and quite frankly we’ve all been there).  You also can have stems or no-stems — whatever your cherry preference.

Okay, if I keep gushing about these cherries we’ll have to get a room, but one thing I did want to point out is that these are farm to market and there is a QR code on each bottle so you can find out where your cherries were born – er, I mean grown.  Mine came from Wakedale Farms.

You can learn more about Cherry Man’s products on their Web site and find out where you can pick-up your very own.  I have my eye on that snazzy T-shirt with the Cherry Man himself on it.  It’s also good to know I can pick-up 30 lbs. of cherries for when I entertain.  Cherries for everyone!

Cherry Man Mascot

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