Disclosure Statement

Okay, so here’s the fine print:

This Web site and blog is a personal endeavor and has no affiliation with any company or organization.  However, I am a featured blogger with two Celiac-related sites for which I receive no monetary compensation. 

You will notice immediately on my site that I do not accept paid advertising of any sort.  All expenses incurred with the operation, maintenance, and development of content on this site is on my own dime.  I have actually recently declined a featured position at a highly regarded site because I would have to accept their advertising and I am not willing to compromise.

I do accept and greatly appreciate complimentary products from manufacturers to be included for review or giveaway on the site.  The acceptance of these items in no way constitutes a positive review for a company and this is clearly noted in any correspondence with these companies.  When a product(s) has been provided by a company, it will be clearly noted in the review.  I also accept and greatly appreciate invitations, tickets, and entrance to related events.  Again, if I am writing about an event for which I have been “comped” admission the same rules of objectivity apply.

The views expressed on this site are my own.  I always do my absolute best to maintain the highest-levels of integrity and provide unbiased and honest information to my readers when providing reviews of products and services.  When it comes right down to it, reviews are a matter of personal taste and mine, while highly refined, may vary from your own (that last bit was a joke by the way).

So, in closing, I do hope you find the information presented to be useful and hopefully it will help you make your own personal journey to gluten-free fabulousness.