I am always amazed at the gluten-free selection that my local Costco has. Sure I have to look for items throughout the store but somehow it is part of the Costco experience. One of my readers recommended these to me and I was so happy to find a stack of them in front of me after turning a corner with my cart.

I love rice crackers in general but these are really unique. They are bite-sized, go well with everything from hummus to creamy dips to cheese. The toasted sesame really shines though as does the Tamari soy sauce. These are absolutely great on their own but their unique flavor really does pair well with so many options. In addition to being gluten-free, these are also all natural, saturated fat-, and cholesterol-free. They are also whole grain which is always good news.

Check out their Web site for more information and to view their complete product line-up. I know I am looking forward to trying the rest of their products.

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