My friends at Boulder Canyon Natural Foods sent me a fabulous sampling of some of their new flavors to try out and of course I wanted to share them with all of my fans out there in the dark. I received their Olive Oil (kettle chips), Red Wine Vinegar (kettle cooked), Rice and Adzuki Bean Sweet Lemon & Cracked Pepper chips, and Tortilla Style Chips Made with Hummus and Sesame (lightly salted).

First up were the kettle chip varieties. The Olive Oil variety was indeed a surprise. I know you are probably thinking greasy but that is simply not the case. The rich olive oil flavor is what really comes through in these chips though not in an overpowering sort of way. Sometimes olive oil can have a harsh, almost bitter flavor but this had a lighter olive oil variety taste to it which is milder in overall flavor.

The Red Wine Vinegar chips were are real stand out. I have long been a fan of salt and vinegar flavored chips since I was a child but as we Celiacs know, many of those now often contain flavoring or malt that are a big no-no for us and therefore off-limits. This red wine version had just the right balance of acidity bite coupled with a slight sweetness (to offset the acidity) and rounded out with a hint of saltiness making complex work for one’s taste buds – but very much appreciated.

Next up was the Rice and Adzuki Bean Sweet Lemon & Cracked Pepper chips. These were particularly intriguing because I had no idea what an Adzuki bean was. I now know it is an annual crop grown heavily in East Asia and the Himalayas and commonly eaten sweetened (thanks Wikipedia). I likely had it in red bean paste and did not even realize it. Well, these might just be my new favorite chip of the moment. They are wonderfully crunchy and provide a terrifically balanced taste contradiction of salty and sweet. The first thing you notice is the slight bite of the lemon enhanced by a slight saltiness. Then, as you chew, the wonderful sweetness begins to emerge rounded out but a subtle mellow nuttiness from the rice. These are most definitely one sophisticated bag of chips that yes, even some kids I know would really love (though they would have to fight me for the bag).

Rounding out this sampling was the Tortilla Style Chips Made with Hummus and Sesame. I know, I know, you are thinking just another corn chip – not at all. These chips may look like their run of the mill triangular counterparts but pack a real surprise in the form of subtle hints of hummus and sesame that take these triangles to a new level. They have just the right amount of salt to elevate the more subtle flavor notes without taking away from them.

Boulder Canyon has a terrific portfolio of gluten-free and non-gluten free chips and snacks that are definitely worth checking out. Not only are their chips better for you but this is a company that is dedicated to making our world a better place through sustainability and environmental efforts.

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