My bread machine, a gift from my in-laws, is one of the most used appliances in my kitchen.  Living a fabulous gluten free life I really don’t have time to slave away baking bread (and quite honestly baking is not GFM’s thing).  Enter the bread machine.  I love being able to just add the ingredients, press a few buttons, and walk away.  I tend to always use a pre-packaged mix when baking in the machine and through trial and error try to tweak the recipes to best suite my personal tastes.  For this brand, you can check out my tweaks in a previous blog post I made on gluten free bread (click on Bread in the index).

This mix is one of my personal favorites.  I love the denseness of the loaf and it toasts extremely well.  It is a hearty and robust bread that does not sit heavy in your stomach.  It is probably one of the most versatile breads out there and I have used it for everything to garlic bread to making croutons, to French toast.  It is the perfect bread to pair with a thick soup to help soak up all its goodness.  You get a good sized loaf from each package and it will last a relatively long time – I refrigerate mine to get the most mileage out of each loaf.

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