I came across these snacks when I was putting together my gluten-free contingency travel pack for my previous trip.  I actually sampled two varieties but will start with the original variety.  What’s nice about this snack is that you really feel like you are indulging in a gluten-filled snack.  There are wonderfully crunchy multi-grain noodles (from chick pea, yellow peas, and some GF starches) that are just AMAZING.  The mix is also chock-full of green peas, peanuts, and sweet sultanas – all in a great spicy coating that has a bit of a kick but is not overly powering. 

These snacks go extremely well with cocktails (making a great little bar mix) as the savory snacks subtle saltiness with hint of sweetness makes for the perfect combination with a nice wine, gluten-free beer or cider, or mixed cocktail. You can check out their complete product line on their Web site.

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