Baba Louie's in Hudson, N.Y.

1 July 2013


 July 1, 2013

I tend to spend a fair amount of time up in the Hudson Valley throughout the year and I am always on the hunt for new gluten-free locales to sample.  Just a few years ago the area was truly lacking in any significant gluten-free options but in the past five or so years there has been an explosion of restaurants either with dedicated gluten-free menus or at the very least an increased knowledge when it comes to handling diners with special dietary needs or food allergies.

A recent visit to Hudson, New York, a sweet little town with lots black porn videos of great small specialty shops, allowed me to visit Baba Louie’s.  As always, I did my research before the visit to get a handle on their menu and gluten-free options.  There are actually quite a few gluten-free options and all are clearly noted on the menu –everything from sandwiches to pizza.  Not only are the gluten-free items clearly marked on the menu but gluten-free diners also receive a laminated card that explains the kitchen procedures to ensure that diners will have a safe experience.  Of course, in a shared kitchen, nothing is 100%, but I was extremely comfortable with the steps they were taking to make sure I would be just fine.  Additionally, that laminated card also details where there gluten-free pizza crusts come from (Better Bread Company) and the full ingredient list.  Nice.

I had a hankering porno gay for pizza when I visited.  I created my own gluten-free creation of Gouda, Parmesan, Canadian bacon, and basil.  The combination made for a delicious flavor combination.  The mellow Gouda paired perfectly with the bold Parmesan and surprising subtle Canadian bacon.  A generous top-layer of fresh fragrant basil rounded out this creation.  The crust was perfectly cooked and crisp and actually one of the better pre-made crusts I have come across.

Pizza, Menu, and Allergy Card.

Pizza, porn cartoon Menu, and Allergy Card.

Baba Louie’s has three locations – two in Massachusetts (Pittsfield and Great Barrington) as well as the Hudson, New York location.  Funny enough, I had eaten in the Hudson location when it was a different restaurant years ago – though the name of that place escapes me – likely why it is no longer.

You can learn more about Baba Louie’s on their Web site where you can also celebrity nude view samples of their lunch and dinner menus.

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