I came across these cookies while on a recent outing to Whole Foods.  I had not seen this brand before but the promise of chocolate and orange essence piqued my interest.  The first thing that I absolutely love about this brand is that each cookie is individually wrapped.  That’s right, you can pull out a cookie any time after opening and the last will be as fresh as the first.  Let’s face it, we tend to pay a premium for our gluten-free delights and nothing frosts my proverbial cookies more than a product going stale before I can finish it.

I was surprised at the great texture and flavor of the quinoa – it made for a perfect cookie that was firm with just the right amount of give.  The flavor was truly unique – the subtle notes of cocoa were not overpowering or overly sweet.  It was just sweet enough to allow the very subtle orange essence to come through.  These are complex cookies with subtle flavor undertones.  I actually enjoyed them as an accompaniment to some wonderful gluten-free vanilla ice cream.

Andean Dream has a full line of gluten-free cookies so head on over to their Web site and check them out today.

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