Everyday is a shopping adventure and I never cease to be amazed when I see new gluten free items on the shelves or in this case in the freezer.  My partner was away one evening and I was looking for something quick and easy for dinner after a long day.  To my surprise I stumbled across this offering from Amy’s.

Now I am skeptical of pre-made Italian food to begin with being Italian.  Would the sauce be edible?  Would the macaroni heat well after being frozen?  Well, my questions were answered with a resounding Yes in both cases.  The dish heated up nicely in the oven (GF Mike does not even own a microwave) and the rice pasta was not mushy at all and was accompanied in a nice tomato sauce that was actually very good.  There was just the right amount soy cheese that I did not even realize was soy until after I had finished eating the dish – so that is saying something.

This pasta bowl made for a quick dinner though you will need a side to go with it as the portion (for me anyway) was a bit small.

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